Group Tours

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About The Tours

Join contemporary artist and lecturer Gabriela Vainsencher for an art tour to New York City’s most cutting-edge galleries and museums of contemporary art!

The tours focus on Manhattan’s museums and three main art neighborhoods: Chelsea, the city’s densest gallery concentration, which contains over 300 galleries; the Lower East Side, where some of the city’s biggest galleries mingle with up-and-coming spaces showing emerging art; and the Upper East Side, where some of the city’s most established galleries show contemporary exhibitions alongside historical surveys.

For a two-hour gallery tour, Vainsencher will select the most fascinating and varied exhibits for you to explore – you’ll see the newest in painting, sculpture, video, photography, and installation art, by top American and international artists. At each stop Vainsencher will give participants a wide theoretical context along with an insider view of the NYC art scene.

Gabriela leads 4-6 Hebrew-language Group Tours per month, which can be joined by signing up on this website or contacting her directly via email. The tours are two hours long and cost $40 per person.

Gabriela also offers private tours in English and Hebrew year-round. To learn more about private tours, click here.

The tours change twice a month, so it is possible to join two tours each month without ever seeing the same gallery twice!