Artspy: Art in The 21st Century


Artspy: Art in The 21st Century is an annual study group that focuses on contemporary art. Each month, we will be meeting for a two-hours session, exploring together  a specific aspect of visual arts that is made today in New York, and around the world. We will enjoy an in-depth discussions that based on the accumulating knowledge of our group.

Our unique program combines indoor lectures and presentations with gallery or museum walks. Meetings with artists, curators and art historians are always include in the program as well as a 9th, bonus visit in a temporary public summer project.


Our monthly meetings will be on  Thursday, from 11AM-1PM.

Participation fee for BLINK is $500 for 8 sessions + 1 session bonus.

Payment in checks on first session or via PayPal.


24/7: Contemporary art, social networking, and new forms of connectivity

Thursday, October 16th

Friday, October: 17th

Where: TBA

Gallery Walk in Chelsea

Thursday, November 13th

Where: NE corner of 22nd St. and 10th Ave.

Lower East Side tour

Thursday, December 11th

Where: In front of the New Museum, 235 Bowery St.

Living As Form: Can a life practice be an art practice?

Thursday, January 15th

Where: TBA

New Studio Models: How artists work today?

Thursday, February 5th

Where: TBA

New Museum’s Triennial

Thursday, March 12th

Where: New Museum, 235 Bowery St.

Sites Unseen: Art and The Public Space.

Thursday, April 16th

Where: TBA

SoHo tour

Thursday, May 14th

Where: Center for Italian Modern Art

421 Broome Street, 4th floor

Friday, June 6th


Bonus tour: Public Art Project (details TBA)

To enroll, please fill out this form and Ofri will get back to you:

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